| Berlin, Germany | 20.6 ha | COMPETITION: Kooperatives Verfahren, 2014

Berlin is getting a new neighborhood! The demand for socially mixed and affordable housing – of the highly-attractive boom metropolis: Berlin – is countered by a similarly high demand for qualified public green and urban spaces. With our „Tempelhöfe“ proposal we offer a robust urban planning framework suitable for countering the apparent contradictions! „Park for all“ in the Tempelhöfen means first and foremost park views but also that the large scale of extensive parkland is complimented by the small, densely programmed open spaces of the Tempelhöfe. The areas can be broken into: the plazas, facing Tempelhofer Damm, which are more urban and function as foyers to the buildings; the gardens, which are oriented toward the large park landscape maintaining more of landscape character; and the interior neighborhood courtyards, with their semi-private character that are heavily used by residents. The courtyards, plazas and gardens primarily serve the neighborhoods, but at the same time provide an additional amenity for Berliners and visitors to the park landscape. This also requires an understanding on the part of future residents that this cannot be a „normal“ or conventional residential area – the privilege of being able to live in this special place in the city is presupposed with the solidarity of sharing this space with many.