| Berlin, Germany | 70 ha | COMPETITION: 2016, 1. Preis

Gartenfeld Island is located in the district of Spandau. It is characterized by its waterfront location on the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal and its proximity to the landscape areas of the Havel River, Berlin forests and woodlands for the mixed neighborhood „Neues Gartenfeld“, which is to be developed in the north of the island, as well as the adjoining commercial area to the south. The development of Gartenfeld Island is an opportunity to develop an innovative, sustainable, socially and functionally mixed neighborhood on one of Berlin’s 161 islands, which can develop special features due to its „island location“, landscape character and history reflected in existing structures. The master plan is therefore based on six urban planning strategies that will guide the development of the New Garden Field in the future: ISLAND! IDENTITY! NETWORK! CONTRAST! ARCHIPEL! ISLAND!

TEAM: Hoffmann-Leichter Ingenieurgesellschaft, Ingenieurbüro Kraft, NFF, IGS | CITY PLANNING: COBE – Berlin