| Frankfurt, Germany | 1,8 ha | 2017

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management thrives on the communication of people and the exchange of ideas. A forecourt of natural stone paving - that extends into the building - highlights outdoor areas for teaching and an event area for both the university and the neighboring residential quarters. The intention of the school operation and the formal expression of the building is emphasized by the woody planting of red oaks. These deciduous trees have a rapid growth rate, their eye-catching light crowns providing a high source of shade. In the context of the existing street trees, the red oaks create an independent and recognizable character for the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management through their foliage and habitus. The result is a highly versatile outdoor space that carries the school’s message.

ARCHITECT: Henning Larsen | CLIENT: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management | PHOTOS: © Hanns Joosten