| Berlin, Germany | 5 ha | COMPETITION: 2011, European Gold Medal Holzim Preis

Since the mid-90s, Museum Island has increasingly developed into a monofunctional island adapting to the demands of tourism and political representation. FLUSSBAD is a concept that aims to show alternatives for a more mixed development of this historic urban area. It complements this part of Berlin with a much-needed recreational opportunity and brings „authentic“ life to this neighborhood visited by over a million tourists. Simultaneously, the long period of non-functionality of the Kupfergraben will come to an end, and the presence of water will finally become a strong location argument for quality of life again. The steps necessary to transform the river arm into a city pool are surprisingly simple, sustainable, and cost-effective.

The upper reaches of the Kupfergraben will be renaturalized and will then serve both as an initial filter and as a stepping stone in the overarching plan to improve fish habitat conditions in the Spree River. The reed filter installed further along the ditch thoroughly cleans the Spree water and releases it through an existing weir into the lower-lying swimming area in front of the castle and Alter Nationalgalerie. The quay wall along the Lustgarten, which has been converted into a large staircase, provides access to the FLUSSBAD and offers generous space for sitting, hanging out, watching or sunbathing. Lockers and boardwalks complement the facility’s manageable practical requirements. With a length of over 700m, the FLUSSBAD will not only be the world’s longest swimming pool, but also an irresistible magnet for Berliners as well as a powerful argument in the city’s global marketing.

ARCHITECT: realities:united | RENDERINGS: ©realities:united / Flussbad-Berlin e.V.