| Berlin, Germany | 2300 m² | 2015

The defining project idea is a largely car-free residential park, in the design of which emphasis was placed on both private and communal open spaces and gardens. The special design concept of only three-story building rows allows for diverse and unusual spatial solutions. The central point of the interior is Gartenstraße. From here, all apartments are entered directly on the first floor or indirectly via open staircases. The garden street is spacious enough to also provide enough space for common areas and green spaces. The intimate, quiet and sunny location of the interior allows the individual apartments to be more open to the outdoors than would otherwise be possible in central city locations. This significantly expands the living area for residents to the outdoors, especially in the summer; either to the private garden, a terrace, or to the barely trafficked but busy garden street.

ARCHITECT: Architekturcontext, Berlin | CLIENT: Baugruppe B102 | PHOTOS: © Hanns Joosten