| Mannheim, Germany | 10 ha | 2019

Since 2013, MWS Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft has been developing a redesign concept for Taylor Park, located on the Taylor Areal - an active American military base, until 2011. The urban design by Kéré Architecture and MAN MADE LAND serves as the basis for the development plan and associated green space plan. The park, a link between the Käfertal forest and the Nord Ost green corridor, provides a link for the urban green spaces. A secondary path network extends the park, simultaneously dividing it into unique sections. In the north: the Wiesentheater. While in the south: the west wing accommodates a protected wetland biotope, and the east numerous sports and play opportunities. A hybrid space between the urban fabric and surrounding landscape, fragments of garden and park, city, surrounding cultural landscape, and relics of postglacial vegetation of the natural landscape meet and find a new unity.

COMPETITION: 2013, 1. Preis

URBAN PLANNING: Kéré Architecture | CLIENT: MWS Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH | PHOTOS: © Hanns Joosten, Bierbaum Aichele (images 3rd and 10th row)