GARDENS ABOVE PARIS | Paris, France | 2700m² | 2022

In the heart of Paris, for a famous luxury house: a complex combining Haussmannian tradition and minimalist architecture, an eclectic group of gardens and terraces has been realized. In the manner of the French camaïeu, a harmonious patchwork of forms and textures inspired by the marvels of the animal and plant world, such as hides, shells, scales, feathers, leaves, and bark, and other wonders, is interwoven. At times, this microcosm is intimate with the eternal Parisian horizon, in other moments, it becomes introverted, connecting and creating a continuum with the interior spaces re-imagined by Graft architects. Unique microclimates and micro landscapes of the 7 floors of the 6000m2 site create an abundance of plant themes. From the savannah to the jungle, from the boreal to the aquatic world, as well as the rose garden and the orangery, a dozen gardens and terraces were created in 4 years of construction. Lush vegetation grows out and up, and is systematically associated with a highly processed ground plane. Natural and artificial elements merge in these spaces while maintaining autonomy. Through the uses of complex and innovative techniques in wood and steel work the creation of the gardens mobilized a great deal of know-how in a constant quest for excellence.

ARCHITECT: Graft Architekten | CLIENT: Large Luxury House | PHOTOS: © Hanns Joosten